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  • Micro-endodontic

    Treatment for micro-endodontic.

  • Root canal treatment

    Treatment for all procedure error while root canal treatment.

  • Endodontic check

    Single seating root canal treatment.

  • Endodontic surgery

    Treatment for failed root-canal and Endodontic surgery .


Akshar Plus Dental Academy offer clinical practice limited to endodontic and continue dental education programme on modern endodontic.

We offer hands on and allow you to work with patients for endodontic treatment and clinical practice limited to endodontic only. Center announces the comprehensive training programmers on clinical endodontic practice.

Course Schedule
  • Long Course

    This course runs thought the year at our academy. It run for around 2 months for each batches....

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  • Short Course

    These courses also run thought year. But patient will allowed on basis of module system....

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Our video
Our video
Latest News
  • Started long term batch on 1sth Feb 2024
  • Next long term Endodontic course will be start on 15th March 2024
  • Dental Implant included in this course
  • more detail and course schedule on 9276833512
Treatment Provide At Clinic
Single Visit Painless Root Canal
Single Visit Painless Root Canal
Dental Implants
Dental Implants
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic Treatment
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Whitening
Tooth Whitening
Cosmetic Tooth Filling
Cosmetic Tooth Filling
Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment
Scaling Cleaning & Polishing
Scaling Cleaning & Polishing
Student Testimonial
  • Akshar plus dental academy one of the best place to learn more in the field of Endodontics and enhance once knowledge. Fortunate to have Dr. Bhavesh Ahir as our mentor, overall great learning experience. Thank you.

    • K.M.Shah Dental college
    • Dr.Hardi Rayani
  • For a successful private practice good RCT is must.After joining this academy i feel confidence in my work.Because of this academy only i have gained a lot of knowledge from basics to advance Endodontics ..

    • DDIT Nadiad
    • Dr.Zankhana Patel
  • In short,

    This course is like 2 years of endo and also learned all clinical procedure at UG level. "Big opportunity in small package"

    Thanks to Dr.Bhavesh Ahir Sir.

    • K.M.Shah Dental College
    • Dr.Bhavin Patel
  • Hiloni kamdar, As a fresher dentist this academy has taught me how to handle general dental practice in all and not just limited to endodontics, it has also improved my basic endodontics concepts. The lectures and discussions were quite helpful, really grateful to Dr.Bhavesh Ahir sir for giving me this opportunity to work with him.

    • B.V.P, Pune
    • Dr.Hiloni Kamdar
  • A perfect guide in learning for endodontics. Got to learn more about dentistry in general too.

    • K.M.Shah Dental college
    • Dr.Devanshi rangoonwala
  • Got to know basics n in detail concepts n knowledge about RCT ,more about endodontic,FPD,Post n core,n much more.....Best place n people to learn n work with....n we heartily thank sir....

    • K.M.Shah Dental college
    • Dr.Nidhi Modi
  • One of the best dental acadamy that's define it all.

    I am extremly happy and proud to tell that I am one of the alumini of akshar plus dental acadamy. The education system gives more knowledge and the best thing in this acadamy is practical method of learning, and the most important thing is the hard work on patient Complaint and giving comfort to them with great teacher help. Teachers are very experienced and exclusively knowledgeable. He keeps his lesson effective, engaging and fun. He gave step by step explanations and made sure I understood everything before proceeding. I started from a very basic understanding and and quickly adapts to the level. quality does matter, so would recommend to everyone.

    • K.M.Shah dental college
    • Dr.Piyush kalasariya
  • I am dr.Knjal patel from Rajkot .I have joined academy in 2014. It’s lifechanging experience for me.dr.Bhavesh ahir is teaching and guiding us in endodontics.My experience is great what I knew was not at all even enough as BDS.i have attend around arnd 3 month.But I am feeling very confident and I am thankful to dr.bhavesh ahir for teaching in a friendly manner...

    • Dr.kinjal patel
  • I choose to learn from the best.Academy of endodontics was the place for ti. In just 3 month course, I learned lot about endodontic from basic to advance. This course is great for anyone. I highly recommend it.

    • Dr.Rohit dholkiya
  • In short,

    Excellent….. excellent….. excellent

    Thanks a lot… dr.bhavesh ahir….

    • Dr.Kuldip ghariya
  • During graduation time we learn how to hold instruments and operate chair, materials XYZ. we learn 20% of dentistry and its quit not more in of for stable and secure for today competition . And 10% we learn from our seniors and friends some more unique techniques but most important 70% of dentistry I learn from this academy …I personally thankful to Akshar plus dental hospital and endodontic academy…thank u to be part of this wonderful and unforgettable journey…..

    • DR.Purvisha vaghani
  • Thank you for your personal concern towards me .It help me nurture myself really appreciate that you help me grow and make me able to see clearly in the field I m .thank you all your sermons and wisdom. you are blessing...

    • Dr.vivek patil
  • The journey of access to apical and restore with unbeatable knowledge. I m am personally share my endodontic experience with this Akshar plus dental a academy good pathway….for advance endodontic journey frankly staff, works ,like our own clinic ,patients work and experience like every tooth is different thank you to Akshar plus dental hospital and academy...

    • Dr.Kevin mody
  • To become a good private practioner , good RCT is must. After doing advance endodontic course, I actually gained confidence in delivering quality treatment to patients…also exposure to different re RCT cases made us learn how to do treatment planning, patient consultation and prognosis expectations. also after doing this course, we gained actual clinical knowledge of different RCT cased and life expectancy of particular tooth after doing RCT.

    • Dr.Dimple Bohra
  • Hi!!

    Myself Dr.Ruchi Chhhatwani presently working in surat general hospital.

    Had a amazing experience at Akshar plus dental academy with wide range of Endo theoretical and practical knowledge …

    Worth doing the course……

    • Dr.Ruchi chatwani
  • Akshar plus dental academy is perfect place to increase your knowledge about dental practice and it will definitely help to get better treatment results.

    • Dr. Ashit patel
  • All in all a good learning experience Beginning from thorough lectures on RCT, model work to treating patients .I gained knowledge on all the aspects of RCT: theoretical and practical on patient ,it makes you well acquainted on how to handle the patients as soon as patients enters the clinic.

    • Dr.Pallav Patel
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation n to Dr.Bhavesh ahir . I sincerely thank him for all his precious inputs in shaping me as a doctor. He brilliantly explained everything I needed to know and completely enabled me to understand the nuances of endodontic treatments .Dr. Bhavesh ahir is careful and sympathetic on the professional training and treatments he provide. I hope the continues to in spite people like me his exquisite professional approach, addrable nature and vivacious charisma. Any kind of association with him is always an honor. I would always recommend him.

    • Dr.Irfan
  • It was immense pleasure learning under you. there is a huge difference between what I was and now what I am. I am confident dentist after a session under you. Learning under endodontic at Akshar plus academy taught me many things.

    • Dr.Grisma jogani
  • Academy taught us not only endodontic but also how to manage patient how to manage financial status of clinic. Specially in endodontic Dr. Bhavesh goal is to the base of each and every student for root canal treatment..the way can variable to explain through lecture or typho model exercise or conversation …those academy is the only academy where u can learn over patients with full guidance of Dr. Bhavesh Ahir …good work as always welcomed and correct it for life time. That can fill marvelous confidence in struggling dentist to love their field….and work better and better day by day.

    • Dr. Shruti thakkar
  • Imagine a dental student who has just done 4-5 rcts in his entire college life…and after three months of a endodontic course, he had started doing rcts in all tooth including all posterior and also can handle re root canal cases too…yes its true Its myself experience .. a great Endo oriented course…

    • Dr. Raj Vegda
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Akshar Plus
  • AKSHAR PLUS DENTAL ACADEMY offer hands on and allow you to work with patients for endodontic treatment and clinical practice limited to endodontic only. Center announces the comprehensive training programmers on clinical endodontic practice
  • At AKSHAR PLUS DENTAL ACADEMY are well equipped for micro endodontic to tackle al difficulties and anatomical challenges during root canal treatment.
  • These centers off exclusive endodontic practice with the patients.
In Akshar plus dental academy,the course are mainly recommended for these who are freshly finished there BDS and planning to start private practice in the future.
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  • First floor,Prabhat complex, Parvat patiya, Godadara, Surat.

  • First floor, Near Matru bhumi school, Dindoli, Surat.

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